Who we are

La Tipográfica is a multifacetic team of creatives where everyone has a little bit of designer, printer and artisan mixed in. We are passionate about well made things. We also like to think that what we do is well worth it and has a permanence and transcendence sense. We look to imprint every project all the care and effort that goes into making it, and our main goal is that each client receives the best possible work with our outmost dedication.

We are interested in working and collaborating with the creative community of our city, country and even the world. We are always open to interesting ideas, and we’d love to work on projects that lend themselves to create more and stronger connections between the creative community, so if you have anything you’d like to talk to us about, do not hesitate to contact us.

Throughout the year we teach courses and workshops, to the general public as well as individual sessions. If you’d like to know when our next workshop will be hosted, please check out our workshop calendar. Besides the workshops we also offer studio rental to work on your own projects, you can hire any machine and also personalized guidance, please contact us beforehand to schedule a rental. Also we only rent to people who have taken one of our workshops or can demonstrate to be have enough trainging in operating printing any of the presses or machines intended to rent.

Our history, our pride

La Tipográfica dates back to a very interesting story. In January 1912, Enrique Woolfolk Sosa, great-grandfather of Enrique Vázquez Woolfolk, founder of La Tipográfica, started what it would be the first printing press in the town of Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico. At the same time he started publishing the first newspaper, a weekly periodic called LA REVISTA (The Magazine), which we show a cover of the no.2 edition. It ran for nearly 20 years in Magdalena, until the hideous crime that took his life († 1928). He was twice the town’s mayor, and gained the simpathy of the residents, but at the same time he made enemies whom he critizised on his newspaper LA REVISTA. We could say that Enrique Woolfolk Sosa, died a martyr of the free press in the times of the Cristeros war.

One hundred years later, in January 2012, La Tipográfica starts to opperate commercially, after two years of preparation. And in honor of who our great-grandfather, our logo seal carries the name of his original printing press; Imprenta Woolfolk, and at the same time in homage and continuation of his labor we decided to incorporate the original founding date of the press to our seal: 1912. We believe that ideas transcend beyond or lives, and that the worthy legacy of those who came before us must continue. Just like five hundred years later, the tradition of the letterpress printing press is still being conserved thanks to many individuals who saw beyond our modern date technology into the past, to honor the legacy of Johannes Gutenberg.


Brands we use